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How Would A Garden Makeover Improve Your Life?

27/11/2023 - General

How Would A Garden Makeover Improve Your Life?
Have you ever felt envious of a friend’s garden? Or walked through a town and village peeping over fences and comparing other people’s outdoor spaces to your own? Do you carefully select images to post on social media because you’re embarrassed about the state of your garden? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other people were to admire your outdoor spaces and dream of having a garden just like yours? That’s what a garden makeover could achieve for you.
A garden makeover could potentially improve your life in several ways.

  • More living space
  • Less mud traipsed into the house
  • Feeling safer
  • Greater privacy
  • Improved self esteem
  • Better wellbeing
  • Increase the value of your property

Increase Your Living Space By Turning Your Garden Into An Outdoor Room
As Dad to twins, I certainly know the value of living space. And storage space too! It’s incredible how much room those small people take up. There’s been many a time when I’ve struggled to find the space (and a moment’s peace) to work on a garden design or a quote.
Not everyone is blessed with twins, but I’m sure most people have wished for a bit more room. Somewhere to entertain family and friends, enjoy hobbies, relax and escape from the Hurley burley of everyday life.
A garden makeover could provide you with extra living space in several different ways.

  • A great garden encourages family members outdoors, maybe to play, maybe to grow veggies, maybe to read a book or cook on the barbecue.
  • Careful garden design adds storage space to your property freeing up space indoors.
  • Working from home? Create an office or workshop in your garden to give you some delineation between work time and home time.
  • Including a pergola in your garden design creates a dining room or a lounge that can be used in all weathers. Ideal for entertaining.
  • Do parts of your home get too hot in summer? Shade windows and doors with a verandah - you’ll still be able to enjoy the sunshine but it won’t ‘glare’ on your screens or be overwhelming.

Keep Mud And Dust Outdoors
Landscaping, construction and farming are arguably some of the dirtiest jobs around. Mud is a way of life and that’s OK, but we don’t want it in our houses.
A muddy garden creates an enormous amount of housework. Even if everybody takes their shoes off when they come into the house, the stuff still seems to work its way into almost every room. And as for children and pets - well, their feet are like miniature muck spreaders.
A garden makeover allows you to take control of the mud and dust on your property. A sturdy driveway, generous patio and solid paths mean that nobody needs to walk through a muddy mess to get to your door.
With careful foresight, its perfectly possible to include a paw/welly washing station in your garden design. Convenient to use and very useful for keeping the house clean.

Could Your Garden Help You Feel Safer At Home?
Your home should be a sanctuary, somewhere that you can be comfortable. There are so many ways that a garden makeover can help you feel safe at home. From improving privacy to offering a calm place for you to relax and unwind.

  • Sturdy fences keep children and pets in and unwanted visitors out. Giving you peace of mind.
  • Integrated lighting creates a peaceful ambience and means that you can safely navigate the space after dark.
  • Carefully positioned features create spaces where you don’t feel watched or overlooked. Think pergolas, pleached trees and arbours.
  • For some people, clutter breeds anxiety. Structure your garden so that it ‘flows’ and is easy to keep tidy.

Nurture Your Wellbeing
The benefits of spending time in nature have been talked about and written about extensively. Particularly since lockdown. If you were to step out into your garden right now, would you have a sense of wellbeing? Or do you avoid the garden because it makes you feel a bit out of sorts?
Perhaps you live in a relatively newly built property where the garden consists of a few pavers and a bit of grass. Or maybe your garden is tired, dated and overgrown? What if the garden no longer meets your needs, or worse - your physical mobility has changed and your garden has become inaccessible.
If your garden is not well used or well loved; if you’re not proud of it and if it doesn’t bring you joy, its definitely time to invest in a garden makeover.

What Does A Garden Makeover Involve?
Every garden makeover begins with an end goal and a plan of action. We find that most of our garden makeover clients are in a position where they know they need to change something, but they’re not quite sure what.
A garden makeover with Precision Paving and Landscaping always starts with an on-site consultation with Danny Rodic. Danny will look at your garden with you and ask you about your likes and dislikes. He’ll learn more about the way you’d like to use your outdoor spaces and what you feel is stopping your from doing that. Then he’ll suggest some garden features that would overcome the problems with your garden. Finally, there’s be a brief chat about budgets before he takes measurements and heads home to design your new garden.*
When you have agreed on a layout for your garden, Danny will calculate the cost of your garden makeover and discuss a starting date for your project. Precision Paving And Landscaping sometimes has a waiting list several months long, so its important to book your garden makeover as early as possible, particularly if you need it done for a certain date.

Our teams will do everything they can to minimise disruption during the garden makeover process. However, we can’t promise there’ll be no noise or dust during the build. That’s all part of landscaping and when the work is finished, you’ll be pleased with your decision to change your garden and change your life.
Visit our portfolio page for garden makeover inspiration.

Contact Danny to arrange a consultation.
*depending on the size and complexity of your garden, there may be a moderate garden design charge. This is normally deducted from the cost of landscaping if you choose to go ahead with the build.