Your driveway is more than just a hard surface to park your car on, it is the first part of your property that anybody sets foot on. It marks the threshold between your home and the outside world. It represents a welcome, a safe haven and it lets you, your family and your friends know that they have arrived.
Danny and the team at Precision Paving and Landscaping want you to have a driveway that you can be proud of
  • A stylish, modern surface
  • No mud or puddles
  • No potholes or cracks
  • No weeds peeping up between pavers
  • Slip resistant
  • Built to last
  • Easy to maintain

Choosing Materials For Your Driveway

At your initial consultation with Danny, he will take careful measurements of your driveway and analyse the site to assess whether there are any issues to be resolved in terms of drainage, tackling slopes and avoiding tree roots.
Danny will discuss your ideas for driveway materials and advise you on their suitability. For example, some landscaping materials may easily be stained by accidental oil spills, others may not be durable enough to cope with the stresses imparted by a moving vehicle. He will also help you to map out the area to be covered by your hard landscaping.
Don’t be afraid to future proof your drive by asking Danny to replace your doorstep with a ramp to make easier access for wheelchairs, prams or walking aids.
The materials you choose, will ideally look great against your property, so think carefully about colours, textures and the balance between hard landscaping and soft landscaping (ie lawn or plants).  You may, for example, wish to lay a lawn over ground stabilisation grids so that it can be used for temporary parking when you have lots of guests. Or perhaps your landscaping will include some raised beds filled with beautiful low maintenance plants. Think too about the position of any paths and/or gates to allow you to walk from your driveway to your door.
Dropped Kerbs
Unfortunately, the law of the land dictates that dropped kerbs which allow vehicles to cross a pavement between the road and a driveway must be approved and installed by your local council. There is a charge for this service. Danny is happy to guide you through the process if you feel you need help.

Visit the government website for more information.
Visit our portfolio pagto see some examples of driveways created by Precision Paving and Landscaping or contact Dan  to arrange a consultation.